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    Heavyweight | The Investment Promotion Conference for Youzhu City Partners is held grandly!
    date:2023/4/13 10:01:35 browse:125次

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    In the golden autumn of September, gather in northern Hubei and work together to draw a new blueprint. On September 27, 2021, Keyi's new brand - Youzhu Uhousing was officially launched! The Investment Promotion Conference for Youzhu Domestic City Partners was held in Guangshui, Hubei Province. A group of leaders including Mr. Chen Gaofeng, General Manager of Youzhu, and new and old agents from all over China gathered together to attend the event.

    In recent years, with the improvement of overall bathroom technology, its construction speed, wear resistance, durability, and green environmental protection characteristics have gradually been widely accepted by the market. In the tide of vigorously promoting the construction industrialization and Prefabricated building in China, the development of integral sanitary ware ushered in new opportunities.

    The convening of the Investment Promotion Conference for Youzhu City Partners is a great opportunity to seize opportunities and explore innovation, aiming to work together with partners from all over China to weave a comprehensive network of bathroom production, research and development, and sales throughout the country. Youzhu will follow the principles of high standards, high efficiency, and high quality to mass produce integrated bathrooms suitable for school enterprise dormitories, long-term rental apartments, medical care, temporary construction, hotels, and other markets, gradually replacing traditional bathrooms with economical integrated bathrooms.

    As the gateway to northern Hubei, Guangshui is an important hub for material distribution in Hubei and Henan, and a bridgehead for the Western Development. It has been named a domestic garden city by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development, and is also an important step in the domestic strategic layout of Keyi's "500 kilometer one factory". The Youzhu production base is deeply rooted in Guangshui and has established a centralized production base for the overall bathroom in Central China. It has invested heavily in internationally excellent intelligent production equipment, with an annual output of over 100000 sets, which can meet the huge market demand for prefabricated interior decoration and lay the foundation for promoting the development process of China's residential industrialization.

    The establishment of Youzhu is bound to ignite a revolutionary trend in the existing prefabricated bathroom interior market. At this investment promotion conference, Youzhu released a series of preferential policies for friends of new and old agents, proposing multiple safeguard measures from various aspects such as funds, services, products, rights and interests. Relying on the influence of Keyi in the industry, we provide project information support, product technical support, business negotiation support, etc. to all agents, and enable them to truly achieve zero inventory backlog and no financial pressure. The convening of this conference has provided a good foundation for cooperation between both parties, doubling the confidence of on-site agent friends in future cooperation. Both parties quickly reached an agreement on site and successfully signed a contract.

    Keyi always adheres to the core value of "doing one thing well in a lifetime" and has been deeply rooted in the prefabricated interior decoration industry for many years. In order to enable more people to use good bathrooms, we have gathered all our strength to establish a new brand of Youzhu. The investment promotion conference is only the starting point for Uzhu to achieve its domestic strategic goals. Uzhu will inherit the craftsmanship of Keyi in the future, adhere to creating a high-quality, scientifically designed, and long-lasting overall bathroom, impress customers with high-quality and affordable products, promote the overall bathroom to every field and every home, let everyone use Uzhu's overall bathroom, promote the upgrading of China's prefabricated interior industry, and make impossible possible!

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