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    Henan Come on! Keyi rushed to the disaster area with love and hope
    date:2023/4/13 9:15:40 browse:117次

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    A sudden rainstorm
    Pouring down like a waterfall on the land of the Central Plains
    Floods ravage and cities fall
    Countless people trapped in the water
    Countless families displaced
    This' once-in-a-thousand year 'heavy rain
    Leave indelible marks in the hearts of the people of Henan

    Recently, Henan, China, became the focus. On July 20, Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province, was first hit by a extremely heavy rainstorm, which immediately led to a hot search for this city state in the Central Plains.
    The Zhengzhou Metro Line 5 was submerged by turbulent floods, the roof curtain of the Zhengdong High Speed Railway Station suddenly poured down, and cars driving during rush hours under the Jingguang Road tunnel were engulfed In an instant, the city was shattered from its original tranquility

    According to official statistics from the meteorological department, from 18:00 on July 18th to 0:00 on July 21st, the cumulative average precipitation in Zhengzhou was 449 millimeters, which is equivalent to 317 West Lakes pouring into Zhengzhou over these three days!

    People worried about the disaster in Zhengzhou and prayed that the disaster would end as soon as possible. However, the rainstorm did not leave the sky over Henan easily. Since July 21, the northern area of Henan has been ravaged by rainstorm, and Xinxiang, Weihui and Hebi have been successively reduced to the worst hit areas. The communist canal overflowed and burst its banks, the Wei River overflowed, and the Muye Lake flowed backwards, causing the water volume to be on the verge of losing control!
    The water level of the reservoir has broken through the warning line and is in urgent need. In order to protect the urban area of Zhengzhou, many reservoirs such as Zhongmou, Changzhuang, Zhoukou, Xinxiang, Hebi, etc. have started to release floodwaters. Villagers along the banks of various towns and villages are forced to pack up their belongings and hastily evacuate their homes. They have abandoned their farmland and left their homes, giving up small homes to protect everyone, giving up small righteousness to protect big righteousness. They are a remarkable group of Chinese people!

    The wind and rain have no lovers. When the disaster in Henan spread all over the country, the hearts of all people were closely affected. People were shocked by the huge destructive power of this rainstorm, and they also urgently wanted to understand the disaster situation in Henan and send warmth to the disaster area. In this disaster, there are a group of lovely and respectable people! They are the people's soldiers who rushed to the rescue site at once, the fire rescue teams from various provinces and cities that gathered from all over the world, and the domestic power rescue teams. They interpret their mission and responsibility through practical actions.

    In addition, there are also groups of ordinary people and business organizations who are also concerned about the disaster area. Along the highway in Henan, rescue love vehicles from various parts of the country are speeding along the way. They are racing against the disaster with speed, and they warm the injured hearts of the people of Henan with love. Henan Keyi Residential Equipment Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of Wuhu Keyi Residential Equipment Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as Henan Keyi) is also one of them.

    In the morning of July 25, the Henan Keyi team arrived at Liangxiang Village, Qi County, Hebi City, northern Henan Province, loaded with materials. The village was severely affected by the flood, and when everyone arrived at the scene, they were shocked by the situation in front of them. The houses in the village are still submerged in the flood, with water splashing on the roofs and soaking large acres of fertile land. There is only a vast ocean in front of them, and all the villagers have relocated to the schools in the urban area for refuge.

    In order to help the victims of the disaster as soon as possible, they disregarded their own safety and stepped barefoot in the stagnant water. They rolled up their sleeves and began to unload materials from the truck. Boxes of drinking water and food were passed through their hands, and then delivered to the local victims. Seeing the victims constantly expressing gratitude and smiling, all their efforts were worth it. At that moment, the sweat on their faces shone brightly, and their soaked clothes were their medals.
    On July 26th, the Henan Keyi Love Support Team once again arrived in Koukou Village, Xiaoguan Town, Gongyi, bringing urgently needed drugs to the villagers and adding a guarantee for their life safety.

    Whenever there is a critical moment in China, Keyi always responds promptly, disregarding gains and losses, fearing difficulties, and providing timely support with practical actions. Countless supplies are still being continuously transported to the disaster areas across China, and countless support teams like Keyi have provided assistance to the disaster areas. As of now, there have been many scenes of seeing off the rescue team on various media platforms. They came to the disaster area with supplies and hope, and left with the gratitude of the victims. In the city baptized by the rainstorm, there is not only flood, but also love and goodwill of all Chinese people; Not only did it leave scars to be repaired, but it also left behind the great spirit of solidarity and mutual assistance among the Chinese people. As long as everyone gives a share of love, unite as one, and gather great love in Henan, I believe that the disaster situation will gradually improve, the disaster area will gradually rebuild, and the land of Henan will eventually return to its former glory.

    When unexpected disasters come, we understand the value of a simple and stable life, the significance of living, and the value of cherishing the peaceful society we have now. Afterwards, nearly a thousand Koyi people distributed in China paid tribute to all the soldiers, medical staff, and volunteers who went to the front line, and praised their selfless dedication; Pay tribute to the rescue workers who were injured and sacrificed due to the disaster, as they are heroes worth remembering; Send deep condolences to the people who lost their lives in this flood.
    The sun rises every day as usual, and new hope rises in everyone's heart. I believe that after experiencing this disaster, the hearts of the Chinese people will be more closely connected. We breathe with the people of Henan, share a common destiny, and Henan cheers!
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